Swallow Diary June 18-26

Sunday June 18 Female tight on the nest this morning, not many swallows flying, males seem to be elsewhere. Tossed a couple feathers this morning, no takers. Male returned, went into the nest and the female came in and pecked at him until he left. Female is on the eggs most of the time, but will sit in the door hole or fly off (probably hunting a snack.)

Monday June 19 Adding feathers to the nest this morning (snapshot12) Flock of swallows swooping low over the yard looking for feathers. I think more of the males have returned.

Tuesday June 20 Mama still setting her eggs. More swallows around this morning, swooping for feathers and bugs. Mama swallow getting off eggs more frequently and hanging out in door hole during the heat of the day (and panting.) Still taking feathers to the nests (think its the males?) Female on the nest not too bothered by weed eater under her – in the broody mode.

Wednesday June 21 Mama still setting her eggs. Lots of swallows swooping and calling this morning, taking feathers to nest. Male swallow brought feather to female, then jumped on her, she fought him off and setting eggs. Flock swooping for feathers to add to their nests.

Thursday June 22 Mama still setting her eggs, appeared that the male came in and took a short turn setting the eggs. Female on the eggs most of the time, but also spending time sitting in the door hole. Flock swooping for feathers and adding to nest.

Friday June 23 Both swallows taking turns setting on eggs. The male even tweets to the eggs. He leaves when she comes back. The flock was swooping for feathers during the day (who can resist tossing more when they practically follow you around the yard?) Barn cat ducks and hides, they target him!

Saturday June 24 Female on the eggs this morning. The flock was swooping at me for feathers, clicking at me as they flew by (wanting feathers!) There are a lot of new feathers in the nest in the last couple of days. Hot afternoon, parents not on the eggs as much (snapshot13).

Sunday June 25 Three eggs hatched this morning, little pink squiggles. (snapshot14) Male is poking food at them – video (capture.mpg) 4th egg hatched before noon (snapshot16). Watched the last egg hatching just before 7pm (snapshot17). Male took the empty shell halves out the door.

Monday June 26 Babies are wiggling, can barely hold their heads up on skinny necks. Both parents caring for the chicks. (snapshot18) Hot afternoon, no need to set and keep them warm. When not feeding them, the last one tending them sits in the door hole.


Swallows 2017

We have a camera in a Tree Swallow nest box.

Monday June 5  First egg. Adding more feathers.


Tuesday June 6  Second egg. Adding more feathers. Female on the nest at dusk. Left the nest at full dark.


Wednesday June 7  Third egg this morning. She spent most of the day outside the box, but did set on the eggs for a while. She came back onto the eggs in the nest at dusk and still there at full dark. Still on the nest at 11pm, head under wing.


Thursday June 8  Fourth egg this morning. She was on the eggs for a while this morning. Cooler this afternoon, female on the nest most of the time. This evening she is on the eggs with her head under her wing.


Friday June 9  Fifth egg this morning. She spend quite a bit of time on the eggs today. Left the nest after evening rain showers probably to feed. Back on the nest before dusk, and head under wing on the eggs at dark. Checked at 12:45am and she was not on the nest, raining lightly.



Saturday June 10  Still 5 eggs in the nest this morning, female not on the nest. In fact no swallows around at all this morning (or at lunch time.) Chilly and raining. No swallows this afternoon. Saw 2 swallows around 7pm, not interested in feathers, no activity in the nest. Mama swallow returned at 8:45pm, tweeted at the eggs quite a bit, sat on them for 5 minutes, left and came back several times, then seems to have settled on the eggs for the night. Still on the nest at midnight.


Sunday June 11   Female setting on her 5 eggs this morning, turning eggs and snuggling down under some feathers. Have not seen the male yet. Not many swallows flying, but see faces looking out of nest boxes. She has been on the eggs almost continuously all afternoon and evening. Sleeping on the nest after dark.


Friday June 16 Female on the nest, only leaving for short amount of time. A few swallows out flying this morning. Sleeping on nest, head under wing this afternoon . No sign of the males this evening, female still on the nest (cool rainy day.)


Saturday June 17 Female on the nest this morning.  Seeing more swallows flying around, some of the males must have returned.